About Us


Since its establishment in 1983, IZOLET Construction Chemicals is playing an active role in defining construction industry's needs thanks to its rubber and chemical product infrastructure. Thanks to the different approaches brought by multi-disciplinary human resources beyond the conventional production technologies, IZOLET brings high-quality and more economical custom products  due to its innovative production methods and ensures rapid development of export markets, rapidly strengthening its position in the global economy. 
IZOLET, opens new doors for a myriad of ways to practice their customers more effectively with rubber, plastics and construction chemicals production lines, multiple production techniques developed through the use of a common user-friendly products to offer to the market.

With its customer-focused operation policy, IZOLET devoted 30% of its human resources to R&D for better customer interaction, response and producing brand-new products. IZOLET's main mission is to play an active role in its customers' growth in emerging markets with its outstanding R&D capacity.

Why Choose Izolet?

IZOLET succeeded getting ahead of its competitors with its eco-friendly, environment and human health respectful  manufacturing process in every IZOLET branded product. With its strategy to take part in the same team with its customers according to their demands, IZOLET is in an almost unreachable status in the field of customer support by transferring almost all marketing budget to R&D department.

IZOLET, producing special and custom products for its customers is never going to give up on its principle of not to share any custom product or technical data with a competitor or the market.