HR Policies


The mission of the IZOLET's Human Resources Coordinator, according to recent years' changes, is to lead the adaptation of applications according to change and generating new tools and processes with respect the culture and vision of the company vision.

IZOLET workers, being innovative and undertaking the identification and development of industry's needs, are right in the middle of a very strategical place : IZOLET chanin of values.

In this context, each employee in the IZOLET HR Department are developing tools and processes below to participate to the company's success :

* Adding potential talents to IZOLET organization in the light of assigning "Correct Worker to Correct Job" and away from any discrimination; maintaining peace and harmony in the workplace to support the highest level of employee motivation, organizational commitment and sense of belonging to develop this framework,
* Promoting goal-oriented effective management and innovative abilities to improve performance,
* To optimize and support the diversity of experience in compliance with change,
* Improve IZOLET brand's competitiveness in the local market,
* To encourage young and dynamic potentials with alternative talent programs for the firm's and employee's need of self-improvement,
* To support IZOLET's corporate and ethical values.