Butil Bant ve Fitil

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Izolet Butyl Strips, is a rubber based high performance, permanent adhesive and flexible sealants with the self-adhesive tape, aluminum butyl tape and rope forms. Izolet Butyl, suitable for the reliable and lasting sealing of joints, cracks, seams and overlapping in the entire construction area. It is flexible, non-hardening, non-drying, non-oxidizing products with excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces.

Metal roofing (Steel and Aluminum), gutters, flashings and roof penetrations (solar system, roof lights, dish vs… installations)
Joining of water proofing membranes and plastic sheets
Cooling and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems
Façade constructions
Silo technology
Sound deadening applications
Water sealing applications and gap-filling sealant in body-in-white applications on vehicles
Sanitary and pipe installations, water manholes and red wells
Electrical installations
Precast concrete, container buildings and panel systems
Box culverts
Septic tanks and sewage treatments
General sealing purpose against water, dust, air, seam and gas
General restoration applications as paste

Permanently adhesive and flexible
Non-hardening, non-drying, non-oxidizing
Excellent addition to a wide range of substrates
Excellent chemical and UV resistance
100% solid to keep its volume, non-cracking, non-crumbling
Long service life
Available in a variety of size and widths
Easily trimmed with a blunt tool


Also, Butyl Stripes are available in square and rectangle shapes, as 10 mm x 10 mm, 10 mm x 15 mm, 6 mm x 18 mm, 10 mm x 20 mm, 20 mm x 25 mm…

We can produce custom products with different width and thicknes under the brands of our customers.